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Software reliability has become a bigger issue for developers

Software engineers are growing increasingly more concerned over the reliability of their software, according to Haystack Analytics. The company recently analyzed data published in two separate State of DevOps 2021 reports (published by Google Cloud and Puppet), as well as conducting a survey of more than 250 software engineers in the UK, finding over half (57 percent) would agree, at least to a moderate extent, that software reliability is cause for concern. Another report, published by Google

Team leaders urged to address developer mental health

A review of several recent pieces of research has concluded that IT leaders must ensure the psychological safety of the teams they manage, in order to address developer burnout and software reliability. One study, conducted jointly by Haystack Analytics and Survation, found that 57% of software engineers agreed “to a great extent” or “to a moderate extent” with the phrase “Software reliability at my workplace concerns me”. The report’s author, computer scientist Junade Ali, noted that 81% of d

Software reliability a key problem during 2021

You just can’t get the staff any more The outfit published a review into software development industry performance in 2021 that investigated benchmarks and common trends between multiple industry reports. It found 57 percent of software engineers agreed “to a great extent” or “to a moderate extent” with the phrase "Software reliability at my workplace concerns me”. The review also points to another report produced by Google’s DORA team showing that even amongst engineering teams considered to

Hacked DailyNK website infected broad range of organizations | NK News

The North Korean malware attack against Seoul-based DailyNK has spread across multiple companies that accessed the website over the past few months, cybersecurity firm Kaspersky has told NK News. The infections contradict Daily NK’s claim that hackers inserted the malicious code on pages only accessible to its own staff, and raises questions about the organization’s decision to keep its readers in the dark about the security breach. Senior Kaspersky Security Researcher Seongsu Park said the ma

Half a dozen North Korean domains offline after apparent server outage | NK News

At least half a dozen North Korean websites and email servers dropped off the internet last weekend in a sign of growing instability of the country’s IT infrastructure. The server outage on Saturday night disrupted access to the websites of Air Koryo, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Naenara web portal, Kim Il Sung University, as well as the email servers for Sili Bank and Star Joint Venture, cybersecurity researcher Junade Ali told NK News. The outage followed a change last month in how b

Hackers infect DailyNK website with malware to spy on readers | NK News

For at least two months, hackers linked to North Korea have been attacking readers of the DailyNK website with custom malware capable of stealing files and passwords, cybersecurity firm Volexity revealed in a report on Tuesday. The attack used two known vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers to install malware dubbed “Bluelight,” according to the researchers. Once launched, the malicious software reportedly takes frequent screenshots, copies files, steals passwor

How to reduce the risk of getting hacked by North Korea | NK News

How to reduce the risk of getting hacked by North Korea Sophisticated lures make it increasingly difficult to avoid a security breach, but experts say some habits still help While North Korea’s hacker army continues to batter major corporations around the world, experts say it’s important to remember that most security breaches attributed to the DPRK start with a single employee — and often a single click. Individuals can significantly lower their risk of getting hacked by paying close attenti

Report: 83% of UK software engineers suffer burnout, COVID-19 made it worse

A report on the wellbeing of UK software engineers (developers and DevOps professionals) found 83 per cent suffering from some degree of burnout, with most agreeing that COVID-19 was partly to blame. This survey [PDF] was conducted in June 2021 by pollsters Survation, on behalf of DevOps company Haystack, and although the number of participants was small (just over 250) it was conducted by interviews, rather than online forms which are vulnerable to low-quality responses. The respondents were

Developer burnout isn't going away. Employers need to act now

Big workloads continue to have a huge impact on resource-strapped software teams, with a new survey by Haystack finding that more than 8 in 10 developers suffer from burnout at work. Technology has played a key role in the fight against COVID-19, with IT teams helping businesses to adapt to remote working and digital-first operations. But this rapid adoption of technology has had a massive impact on those tasked with implementing it, with various reports highlighting the mental strain develope

83% of Developers Suffer From Burnout, Study Finds

Eighty-three percent of software developers suffer from workplace burnout, according to a study from Haystack Analytics. The top reasons for burnout include high workload, cited by 47% of respondents, inefficient processes, cited by 31%, and unclear goals and targets, cited by 29%, according to "Study to Understand the Impact of COVID-19 on Software Engineers." Burnout worsened during the pandemic, the study says. The study also finds that 83% of developers are concerned about software reliabi

83% of developers suffer from burnout

The vast majority (83%) of software developers are suffering from burnout at work, according to a new survey. The study, carried out by Haystack Analytics, found that the top reasons cited for burnout included high workloads (47%), inefficient processes (31%), and unclear goals and targets (29%). The study found that burnout worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic, with 81% of developers reporting increased burnout due to the outbreak. The top reason developers cited for increased burnout amid t

The vast majority of developers suffer from burnout

Intense workloads, inefficient processes and unclear goals are pushing most software developers to the brink, a new report from engineering productivity company Haystack Analytics suggest. According to the report, more than four in five (83 percent) software developers suffer from workplace burnout, a problem that has only worsened since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. While increased workload was the number one source of burnout for software developers during the pandemic, 83 percent also

Experts warn report on North Korea’s cyber power understates true threat | NK News

A new analysis of cyber capabilities and national power has ranked North Korea in the lowest of three tiers, arguing that the DPRK’s offensive cyber operations are of low sophistication and hampered by the limited number of skilled hackers in the country. The report published on Monday by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) put North Korea’s “cyber power” on the same level as Indonesia and Malaysia — an assessment that experts said underestimates the true abilities of North

North Korean websites go dark after botched server upgrade | NK News

More than a dozen North Korean websites were knocked off the internet on Tuesday morning due to a failed software update, according to screenshots obtained by NK News. Websites affected by the outage included the online presence of The Pyongyang Times, the Ministry Of Public Health and at least 14 other sites hosted on the same server, records on the internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) showed. “The fact these websites are hosted on a single server which is liable to be taken offline by such out

North Koreans sharpen their cyberskills at online coding competitions

Free platforms may offer insights to threat researchers but help the DPRK build its cyber force, experts say Dozens of North Korean software developers appear to be honing their skills on freely accessible coding platforms that may help the DPRK build its cyber force, an NK Pro investigation of profiles across several such websites showed. But cybersecurity experts said that the participation of North Korean programmers in these coding competitions may also reveal interests, techniques and prog

North Korean hackers breached sensitive defense network at Russian firm

DPRK-linked Lazarus Group accessed restricted data by using “highly interesting technique,” according to Kaspersky In a successful attack that shows how quickly North Korean hackers are able to evolve, the DPRK-linked Lazarus Group stole sensitive information from a Russian defense firm, cybersecurity firm Kaspersky said on Thursday. According to the report, the hackers compromised a router in mid-2020 to create a bridge into a strictly separated network — a “highly interesting technique” that

Security concerns hamper IoT adoption

In its annual Internet of Things (IoT) survey, Internet of Things World found an overwhelming majority of (85 per cent) believe that security concerns remain a major obstacle to the roll out of IoT. Almost two-thirds (64 per cent) of respondents said end-to-end IoT security is their top short-term priority, surpassing machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). With IoT potentially flooding wireless networks with billions of new connected devices, security must be a top priority for engi

The IET - From apprentice to Chartered Engineer: at just 24

“As studying took a larger share of my time, I took a role working with embedded electronics for road traffic systems at a more traditional engineering firm,” he says. “About five years ago I was headhunted by an internet infrastructure and cybersecurity firm I had always wanted to work for.” Now an Engineering Manager, Junade leads an Operations Research team in charge of developing technologies in Artificial Intelligence and formally verified software to drive improvements in cybersecurity an

mobilesyrup - 'Have I Been Pwned' creator to take service open source

Online security is a significant issue these days, and as people rely more on internet services, their libraries of accounts and login credentials also grow. Unfortunately, it’s practically guaranteed that somewhere along the line, attackers will breach a service you use and expose your passwords, login details and more. There are plenty of tools to help mitigate the threat — password managers, biometric authentication and two-factor authentication (2FA) can all help. Another popular tool is a

The Verge - Have I Been Pwned — which tells you if passwords were breached — is going open source

These days, we almost take it as a given that piss-poor security will inevitably expose some of your usernames and passwords to the world — that’s why 2FA is so important, and why you might want a password checkup tool like the ones now built into every modern browser (well, Safari is coming soon) so you can quickly replace the ones that were stolen. But nearly all of those password checkup tools owe something to Troy Hunt’s Have I Been Pwned, which was kind of a novel idea when it first launch
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